Towards Beltane

The Spring Equinox and baby naming ceremony went very well and a wonderful time was had by all present there.

Now the days gradually begin to lengthen although with the grey weather you'd be forgiven for not noticing much of a change in light levels yet.  Looking outside though the changes are much more obvious. The hawthorn trees are covered with fresh new young leaves, daffodils are still looking their best and being joined by tulips  and hyacinths in my garden. Birds can be seen with nesting materials and in the park close to me herons have been seen displaying.

The seasons continue to flow and now we move gently onwards towards Beltane.  This year we will be celebrating Beltane on Sunday 27 April. As usual we hope to be at Pollok Park but do keep in touch as if the weather is bad we may have to move to an indoor location.

Amid the storms the light returns

Most of Scotland gets a lot of rain but this time we aren't getting quite as much as other parts of the British Isles. Many areas have been hit by storms combined with high tides leading to record levels of floods again. Water is such a precious thing, we can't live without it but too much of it can be devastating too. My heart goes out to those that are suffering at these times.

As our Imbolc ritual approached we watched our local weather more closely. In the end we decided to risk the park but on the day thought we might be out of luck for a dry patch. We were blessed though with blue skies, sunshine and bird song. It was a beautiful spring afternoon and all of us rejoiced in being outside is such beauty.

Our next ritual is for the Spring Equinox and it will also include a naming and welcoming ceremony for the daughter of one of the families that have been coming to our rituals for several years.

Please join us on 23 March at 1pm. Weather permitting we will be at Pollok park but if the weather is very bad we will be at our alternative venue at Crowhill Road. Keep in touch with us on our Facebook page

As the light returns

Slowly the days in Glasgow are getting a bit longer. We've had a very wet winter so far with lots of dark cloud cover. Days where you could see the sun or a patch of blue sky have been rare but slowly, so slowly the light is returning.

And as the days begin to get longer although it is still often cold, wet and windy our thoughts turn to the changes in the land and the Goddess whose names include "Seeks beyond". Imbolc is both a time for searching out the first signs of spring and a day devoted to the Goddess Brighid, known by many names and titles.

She is the named deity of this group, special to many of us in different ways.  She is Lady of hearth and home to some, midwife and healer to others and source of the flames of inspiration to many. To some She is Goddess of Spring, to others Lady of the Dawn. She enfolds all of these and more still. She is Brigantia, Bridey and Brighid.  And Imbolc is the festival most devoted to Her in her many guises.

We will be gathering on Sunday 2 February in Pollok Park at 1pm for our Imbolc celebration. Hope to see old friends and new there.

Please note that if the weather is unsuitable for gathering outdoors there is an alternative venue that we use in the social area of the Bishopbriggs Media Centre.  Please contact us to ensure you attend the correct venue.

Samhain to Winter Solstice

Samhain has come and gone now.  The Tuatha de Bridget samhain ritual was one I was unable to attend but I know it was a deeply moving ritual for those that were able to gather together.

Now the darkness moves in further, frost silvers gardens and houses and snow is seen on the tops of the Campsie Hills.

Tuatha de Bridget will next gather to celebrate the forthcoming solstice on Sunday 15 December.  We are gathering so early to allow members to do other things as needed on the day itself the following weekend.

Hope you can join us.

Autumn Equinox to Samhain

The weather was very pleasant for our gathering for the Autumn Equinox and we chatted while waiting for the stars of the day to arrive.

Our Lucy arrived first with her mum.  It's not often you find a young woman barely out of girlhood with the poise of our young Lucy and there's not meany youngsters that would not only feel able to offer to write a ritual but also carry it through.  Many of us in the group have watched our Lucy grow and taken pride in her accomplishments and I don't think many of us are much less proud than I know her mum is with her achievements this equinox.

The next star was little Soleil who was joining us with her family for her naming day.  Her parents were handfasted with us and brought their daughter Amelie for her naming and now it was little Soleil's turn and what a star she was.

Once we had all gathered we walked through the park and woods to the ring fort site that we have used for rituals for many years.  There were a few already waiting at the site as is usual now and more greetings were exchanged as the rest of us arrived.   

This that had arrived first had already begun setting up the altar area and as we joined them more items were added.  Apples gathered by others, plums from my own plum tree picked just before we left for the ritual and a wonderful hand made loaf with the Awen symbol on the top made by our Vicki.  It was a wonderful autumnal display.

The ritual went well, Soleil was adorable and it was wonderful to have the priviledge of carrying her round the circle to be introduced to the directions.  I gazed into her eyes as we stood at each point and she gazed into mine.  I'm not sure what our souls communicated to each other in those timeless moments but she smiled with me.

As is always our practice we gathered in the Burrel Collection cafe afterwards and were delighted to see other young members of our group with their parents.  Baby Ailsa has yet to join us being only four weeks old but her big brother is a regular with his parents and he shares the most lovely hugs with all of us.  

And so we move on from a wonderful gathering of our community where new life was celebrated with harvests of fruit being shared among us. Balance of growth and decay.

Our next gathering will be for Samhain and will take place on Sunday 27th October meeting at 1 pm as always.  

Autumn Equinox

This year the autumn Equinox celebration will take place on Sunday 22nd September meeting as usual in Pollok Park at 1pm.

Special things about this year's ritual are that there will be a baby naming taking place in the middle of the ritual for Soleil Tijou and that the author of this ritual is writing a ritual for the first time.

May your enquinox celebrations be full of harmony and balance whereever you are.

Summer Solstice

For the Summer Solstice Tuatha de Bridget will be joining our friends of the Druids of Caledon at Rouken Glen Park, Glasgow and celebrating with them on Sunday 23rd June.

Please contact them for details.